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If You Hate Cardio, Try These 3 Sly Ways To Fit It In

Don't own a bike? Many cities now have bike share programs that allow you to take a short spin for a small fee, and some parks have bikes available for rent, too. Flickr max workout photo by machernucha Play Laser Tag Go old-school, and grab a group of friends to head to the nearest laser tag arena. You'll run, jump, squat, crawl -- all in the name of fun and (healthy) competition. Flickr photo by shawnzrossi Go Rock read Climbing With the increase in popularity of bouldering, you no longer need a load of gear (and experience!) to reap the fitness benefits of rock climbing. Try it out at a local gym -- you'll burn calories and seriously work those arm muscles. Flickr photo by toolmantim Go Bowling It's not just for dads in bowling shirts! Grab a pair of nerdy-chic shoes and aim straight. You may even wiggle a their website little arm workout out of it!
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/vesna-dodevska/adding-cardio_b_4687233.html

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