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Meatless Monday: Oldways, New Vegetarian And Vegan Diet Pyramid

link src='http://www.greenparenthood.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/raw_food_diet_.jpg' width='400px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> In the past, we didn't really account for vegans," admits Baer-Sinnott. "Personally, I love cheese. But here, there's not much difference between vegetarian and vegan." From the vegetables and fruits at the bottom to the little triangle of dairy at the top, the foods of Oldways' pyramid are whole, unprocessed, traditional. "We're not about food fads, we're about traditions, taking the best of the past and bringing it forward. It's delicious, not expensive and it brings family and community together." Like Slow Food International , Oldways was founded in the 90s, in the dark days of low-carb, low-fat and processed food. Oldways takes a holistic and deliciously old school approach to health and nutrition, focusing on "the importance of preserving old ways, the food traditions that are healthy for people, good for the earth, also for culture." All these old ways were fairly new for Baer-Sinnott when she came to the nonprofit twenty years ago after working in publishing.
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen-kanner/meatless-monday-oldways_b_4282040.html

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